Monday, September 23, 2013

ND Tube

Today Levi will be having an ND tube placed.  This is a tube that goes through his nose and into the intestines so his feeds will bypass his stomach and empty directly into the intestines.  The hope is that these feeds will be better tolerated and the vomiting issues will subside.  If the ND tube works well, then we will most likely proceed with a GJ feeding tube, which is like the G tube he currently has, but will have an extra port that feeds into the intestines.  This is more permanent than the ND tube, and has the added benefit of being more what he's used to, and he won't have a tube down his nose and tape all over his face.  Another benefit is that the GJ tube can be as permanent or as temporary as we want it to be.  We will probably end up feeding through the intestines for several months to give the stomach rest, and then maybe try regular feedings again.  I will just be happy if this new feeding style will remove the gagging/vomiting/bleeding problems!  Having his tonsils out may also help with that as well, as there is the possibility that his gag reflex was overly sensitive due to the enlarged tonsils.

He has been resting very well today!  It's so good to see him relaxed!

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