Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lots of Smiles

This morning we had a nice breakfast with Moga (my mom).  It was nice to get out of the house and just visit a little bit.  Levi was lounging in his bean bag when Moga came in, and he started moving his arms and legs.  I think he was excited to see her!  He's never done this before, so I was as excited as Levi!  He's been super smiley the last couple days.  He used to only smile when bounced and, strangely, sometimes with a spasm.  But now he smiles a lot.  I do believe it's the decrease in Keppra.  I spoke with the neurologist today because Levi has had a lot of seizures the last couple days, and I assume it's the fact that we are decreasing Keppra and still on a very low dose of Banzel, but I wanted her to be aware of it.  She said we could return to 2 mls of Keppra, or wait and see how he does when he gets to a higher dose of Banzel.  We decided to wait.  We've seen so much progress in the last week and a half since the first decrease that we don't want to risk regression.  Then today, praise the Lord, he didn't have quite as many seizures!  One thing I find interesting is that the spasms and partial (or focal) seizures are almost equal.  The spasms used to highly outnumber the partial.  I don't know if it means anything, but I'm sure glad to see the spasms going down again!  Please keep the prayers coming!

Seizure Diary:

Wednesday: Spasms - 50 in 32 episodes; Partial - 47

Thursday: Spasms - 34 in 26 episodes; Partial - 30

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