Friday, August 5, 2011

Still a Lot of Seizures

Levi is still having a lot of seizures, but he is so much more alert and happy!  After church on Wednesday he started cooing and babbling, and every day he seems to "talk" to us more!  It's wonderful to see him doing something new.  Today in developmental therapy Mary put his right hand on a little fluffy ball, and he brought his left hand up to it!  I've also noticed that he seems to feel around and explore with his feet.  What a neat little guy he is!  Today he stayed with Moga while I went to the grocery store, and then tonight I went to the women's ministry meeting at church (which was awesome!) and he stayed with Daddy.  It was a busy day, but good.  I think he was making up for lost time from last week, because he did not want to sleep today.  A few cat naps was all he would take, and he didn't give in and fall asleep until around 10.  He's comfy and snoozing now though.

Seizure Diary from Thursday - Spasms 94 in 17 episodes; Ticks - 10

Seizure Diary for Today - Spasms 53 in 17 episodes; Ticks - 25

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