Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Progress

Today we decreased Keppra again.  We were at 2 mls twice a day and now are down to 1.5 mls twice a day.  Last week we saw some better head control, a bit more arm movement, and he was more alert.  This morning Levi had a huge meltdown when I put him in the stander, and although I took him out after a few minutes, he proceeded to cry for almost an hour.  I'm sure his teeth were bothering him.  He was biting down hard, and once the Tylenol kicked in he finally fell asleep.  I was pretty sure he wouldn't do anything in therapy, but I was wrong!  He woke up when Mary came in and cooperated with her very well.  She gave him a piece of gold crinkly paper to play with.  He held it with his left hand and actually brought his right hand over to it and felt it!  Not just once, but a few times.  I was so amazed I almost had a meltdown of my own.  I'm really looking forward to more progress as we continue to come down off Keppra.  Unfortunately, the partial seizures seem to be on the rise, but hopefully once we get to a good dosage of Banzel they will go away!  He is on half a pill once a day right now, and tomorrow we will go up to twice a day.  I'm praying we will begin to notice less seizure activity!

Seizure Diary:

Saturday: Spasms - 38 in 29 episodes; Ticks - 1; Stiffs - 6; Both - 26

Sunday: Spasms - 41 in 22 episodes; Ticks - 5; Stiffs - 4; Both - 22

Monday: Spasms - 48 in 22 episodes; Ticks - 2; Stiffs - 0; Both - 41

Tuesday: Spasms - 43 in 24 episodes; Partial - 26

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