Friday, August 12, 2011

Rolling Over!

Yesterday Levi rolled from his side to his back and also from his side to his stomach!  The poor little guy has spent so much time in the hospital/being drugged/in a cast/in a brace that he hasn't had much practice, but he's doing great!  During tummy time he also scooted forward a couple inches!  Today he spent a while chilling in his swing, and since he naturally spread his legs to where they would be in the brace, I felt very comfortable leaving him there for a nice nap.  I think he enjoyed having something different.  I hadn't put him in the swing in quite a while because he wasn't liking it.  I guess he changed his mind yet again. All these things happening in one day is amazing, and we are so happy to see him progressing.

The PT brought a stander today for him to use, and he was absolutely amazing with it!  I didn't expect him to tolerate it for very long, but he stood in it for 40 minutes!  He fell asleep about halfway through, and it was too cute to see him sleeping standing up. lol  This is going to be wonderful, because it means that he will have consistent weight bearing on his hips, so he can be out of the brace more during the day.  It also has a huge tray that is perfect for toys and food, and gives plenty of room for him to explore things with his hands.

Monday is our appointment with the epilepsy expert, and we are super excited to meet him.  Please pray and believe with us that this doctor will be able to give us answers and a solution to STOP these seizures!

Seizure Diary: 38 Spasms in 12 episodes; Ticks - 3; Stiffs - 3; Both - 8

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