Sunday, August 14, 2011

One More Day Until We Meet the Epilepsy Expert!

Levi has had a great weekend!  Moga stayed with him yesterday while Patrick and I had a nice day out.  We went to yard sales and then bowled a couple games to brush up for the league we are starting next week.  I haven't bowled in years (except for on the Wii...does that count??) and wanted to at least see how bad I am before the league begins. lol  Fortuanately, I didn't shame myself too much.  We had a nice relaxing time, and came home to a happy little baby who was enjoying all Moga's attention.  Then church this morning and our small group facilitators meeting, which held lots of surprises and exciting new information.  It's been a wonderful weekend!  Patrick is off this week and we're looking forward to a fun, relaxing time.

Tomorrow is the big day!  Our neurology appointment is at 3:15 and we will be meeting the epilepsy expert.  I have condensed all Levi's pertinent information from the time he was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms to now on an outline so we will have hard dates to give the doctor. Too often when posed with questions my mind goes completely blank, and it's hard to keep things straight anyhow when you are counting seizures day in and day out.  It becomes a blur after a while.  So we have questions drawn up and a nice timeline of seizures and meds to keep everything organized and hopefully allow us to answer all his questions intelligently.  I'm extremely excited about this appointment!  Please pray with us that the doctor will see Levi's issues clearly and that God will give him wisdom to find the solution to stopping the seizures.  One thing I plan on asking for is to change the meds so he is not on so many sedating drugs.  It would be one thing if they stopped the seizures, but they haven't, so maybe we can find alternate meds that will not knock him out as these do.  We appreciate all your prayers for our little Levi!

Seizure Diary:

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