Monday, August 29, 2011

Nice Weekend

We had a super busy but fun weekend.  Sunday morning we had the baby dedication at church.  I'll post the video on here later.  It was very nice, quite a few babies were dedicated.  Then we had a wonderful lunch with family and friends to celebrate, then on to a quarter auction to benefit ALS, and finally to our bowling league, where we learned we were in first place (yay!) and won all our games and maintained that status.  Today Levi and I walked in the park with Miranda.  It was a gorgeous morning!  I was able to get some stuff done while Levi took an amazing 4 hour nap, and we've had a pleasant evening.  The seizures haven't been too bad.  This morning he had very few, but this afternoon and evening he made up for it.  I still think we are on the right track with Banzel.  He is on half a pill twice a day, and we are due to increase to one pill in the evening tomorrow.  Next week he will increase to one pill twice a day, and that is our goal dose.  Please pray with us that Banzel completely takes away both types of seizures!  Thanks for all your prayers!  Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!

Seizure Diary:

Sunday: Spasms - 43 in 25 episodes; Partial - 31

Monday: Spasms - 33 in 20 episodes; Partial - 24

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