Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Busy Day

I think today was even more crazy than yesterday.  I woke up early so I could pull everything out of the laundry room and get ready for the new super awesome washer.  Levi usually wakes up off and on anywhere between 6 and 7, but this morning he slept clear through until 8.  I fed him and he fell asleep until I woke him for therapy at 10:15.  Afterwards he fell asleep and slept until after 2!  Poor little guy was just exhausted.  Another meal and another nap on Moga's lap until dinner at 5.  Then we went to a quarter auction with Moga, which was a lot of fun, and he was awake for the majority of the time there.  Mom and I both won a certificate for a jewelry booth that happened to be owned by a lady I used to go to church with.  We each picked out a gorgeous bracelet, and went home and Levi drifted off again.  He's been super tired, but happy and content.

He had developmental therapy today with Mary.  They played in side-lying position, and with some musical light up toys.  He was awake and alert through the entire session.  He seemed very interested in everything Mary was doing.  His head control continues to get better, and he requires no chin support when drinking his bottle now!  Way to go, Levi!  I'm thrilled to see him making progress!

As far as the seizures go, I'm not sure I got a good count today either.  He seemed to have quite a few this morning, but then this evening he didn't have as many as usual.  I'm ready to see them go away for good, though!  Tomorrow we have a blood drive at church that's been dedicated to Levi.  We'll be there from 10 until 2.  We're looking forward to it!

Seizure Diary - Spasms - 52 in 23 episodes; Ticks - 9, two of which were head ticks without stiffening.

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