Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend.  Sunday we went to church, which is always wonderful, and out to dinner with family for my Dad's birthday.  It's always great to get together!  Levi was so good, he chilled all through church and dinner.  He has been having crying spells in the evening again, but he's not screaming, and they last (usually) for less than an hour.  I'm pretty sure it's his teeth.  He has lots of bumps and the gums over his molars are hugely swollen.  Poor little guy!  We got him a little blow up duckie bathtub, which is great because he can lean back against the tail and it supports his neck.  He had his first bath in it tonight and loved it!  It's easier for me, too!  I had a makeover today.  My hair is curly and it's been so humid lately it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Well, last night I was ready to shave it all off my head, so today I went to my trusted friend and hairstylist and got it cut short and colored.  This is huge for me because I never cut my hair short!  I have to say I really like it!

That's all I have to report.  Seizures are about the same, as is everything else.  Life is pretty good :)

Duckie Bathtub

 My New Hair

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