Friday, July 8, 2011

Levi's First Swim

We had a very busy, fun day today.  Daddy went golfing, and Levi and I stayed home for therapy.  Shawnery and Mary (PT and DT) came together today, and true to form, Levi decided to fall asleep literally two minutes before they came in.  He just would not wake up no matter what they did.  Shawnery was pretty sure he wasn't actually sleeping.  I put him on my lap and bounced, and immediately he smiled.  The little turkey was totally faking it!  So we set him on the floor in a sitting position and they brought out a little piano and tapped the keys with his hands.  He fussed for a bit, until he realized that it wasn't so much work, and was actually quite fun.  From then on he did really well and completed the entire therapy session!  He "played" with some toys, and worked on rolling over.  All in all it was a very successful session!

This morning I incorporated some of the things the vision therapist taught me into our daily routine.  I showed Levi his bottle and gave him time to look at it, then put both his hands on it, and put it in his mouth.  I was so busy holding his hands in place that I didn't give him any chin support, and much to my surprise, none was needed!  He drank the entire bottle with no chin support!  On another positive note, I was reclining on the couch with him facing me, his head on my chest, and he brought himself to a sitting position!  Tommy was sitting behind him, and as he talked to him, Levi looked around to find him, and proceeded to sit up again!  The child amazes me!

Then we went swimming with Aunt Mishy and he wasn't too sure about that cold water, but once he got used to it he loved it!  So much so that he fell asleep.  Too cute.  He was so tuckered out that he slept while I dressed him, while we went out for ice cream, the car ride home, and a good hour after we got home.  A very busy day, but so much fun!  I took pictures of his very first swim!!

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