Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tired Baby

Poor little Levi was interrupted during every nap he tried to take yesterday.  He was so tired that he fell asleep right after his supper and bath!  We rocked for an hour or so, and I was sure that he would wake up when I put him back in the rhino brace and put him to bed (or actually, beanbag lol), but he didn't!  He slept all the way to 3am when he woke up for a diaper change and bottle, then he was out again.  I woke him up early so he could eat before we went yardsaling, and we stopped at Provision Living to visit my mom and some of the residents there.  He enjoyed it!  He was awake and adorable through lunch, but once we got home he crashed.  Again he woke up to eat and he's been snoozing since!  Poor little guy must be exhausted.  I think it's a combination of the heat, having his naps interrupted, and being awake so much more this week. 

I heard from the people from Sabril today.  They said they need one more form from the doctor's office, which they can't get until Monday.  I'm sure we will speak with them and get it finished Monday and hopefully start the medicine Tuesday.  Please pray and believe with us that this will STOP his seizures!  I believe it will! 

For those of you who have been praying with us for baby Caitlyn Bishop, I have good news!  She was not expected to make it after her surgery Tuesday, but she is doing awesome!  Her tests are coming back amazing!  The heart blockage she's had since birth has disappeared!  Her mom said the doctors have told her they have only seen 2 miracles of this caliber in 30 years!  Praise God!  I don't know how anyone could hear this story and not believe in God.  He is so good, and He heals, we just have to have faith in Him and believe.  I'm so happy for her family!  Please keep them in your prayers.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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