Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Alert

Levi took such a long nap this afternoon that he's been awake the whole rest of the evening!  It's 10:00 and he's still up. lol  He's content to sit with me and watch tv or whatever I happen to be doing.  He slept right through his afternoon feeding, but definitely made up for it at dinner!  He's had a great day!  His seizures are slightly better than yesterday.  I have noticed that they are not clustering.  I've also noticed a few times where he starts to go into a seizure but then stops before it happens.  That's pretty good for only being on the medicine for two days!  Well, he's calling me, so I'm going to cuddle with him and hopefully he falls asleep before I do. LOL

Seizure Diary - Spasms - 50 in 22 episodes; Ticks - 9 plus one very strong one at 5am this morning.

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