Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vision Therapy!

Levi was a happy little guy today!  The vision therapist, Becky, came by for her first visit today.  She said he uses his peripheral vision quite a bit, and exhibits a pattern called "look/look away".  This means that he will use his peripheral vision to look at something, then look at it directly, then look away.  When he looks away his little brain is processing the information that his eyes have just seen.  She said that the more familiar an item becomes, the quicker he will be to look at it, and the longer he will focus.  She used some of her things, and then his little giraffe that used to hang over his bassinet, and he did look at the giraffe more quickly and longer.  So interesting!   He scored a 2.5 on a scale of 1-10.  Becky said that means he has emerging skills, and that it's a pretty good place for him to be at this point.  We will be working on holding objects in front of him and giving him time to look at it, while not speaking too much.  This will allow him to concentrate on looking instead of listening.  I'm really excited to learn this new information, and we have already worked some of this therapy into his daily routine.  Becky was very easy to get along with, informative, and we liked her a great deal.

Levi and I met my sister Misty (aka Aunt Mishy) for dinner, and then she kindly took him home with her so I could go grocery shopping.  We are taking him swimming tomorrow, so I got him a cute reusable swim diaper that looks like a speedo (too cute!) and a neat double swim ring, one side for him and one for me, that has a headrest for him. I liked that one because he still doesn't have control of his head, although I see improvement every day!  He has been a happy little guy for the most part, and I am so thankful for him!

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