Friday, January 14, 2011

Evening Update

We are still in the ICU because there is no room in the TCU, but we have met 2 of Levi's new doctors.  The first doctor said he wanted to come in and meet the little guy that was amazing all the doctors with his speedy recovery!  We prayed that God would heal Levi and amaze all the doctors, and that is certainly what is happening!

Since the breathing tube was taken out on Wednesday night, Levi has been on oxygen set to room air (21%) and did so well with it they were able to wean him quickly and he is now free of it!  The only thing he is connected to is the PICC line, which will come home with him for at least a month until he no longer needs antibiotics, and the feeding tube.

He is still very sleepy!  We tried to wake him up this afternoon but he was just too comfy in Aunt Misty's arms to wake up.  After she left he got really angry with us as we changed his diaper and decided to stay awake for almost an hour.  This is the longest he's been awake!  So everything is going very well and we continue to thank GOD for healing our little Levi!

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