Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plan for Today

Well it looks like they will be taking out the breathing tube today!  I believe the arterial line will come out shortly after that, and it's also possible that the EEG will come off today. No sign of seizures!  thank You Jesus!  Once those things are gone we will be able to hold him!  He is still opening his eyes a lot, and he tries to cry but of course can't because of the breathing tube.  He's moving his right arm and right leg quite a bit, but the left leg is still puffy from the central line that was in it and the right arm is pretty well bound because of the arterial line.  Hopefully by this evening he will look like a normal baby, no longer "wired for satellite in HD", as Uncle Dale commented. lol  Levi is still on diuretics, but he looks much closer to normal and I don't think he has much farther to go with that.  Everything has been very positive!  We continue to thank the Lord Jesus and all our family, friends, and others who have been praying with us!  When the tubes are out I will post pics and maybe some video if I can figure it out. lol  May have to wait for tomorrow for video so Patrick can do it!

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