Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prayer for Others

I have sad news about Marissa, the fourteen year old waiting for a heart and kidney transplant that we were praying for.  Her heart came in, but from what I understand her body rejected it and she passed away.  Please pray for peace that surpasses all understanding for her family and friends.  Her mom is such a strong, lovely lady!  My heart goes out to her and I just pray and Jesus hold her in His Hands!

Update on some of the others we having been praying for: Allen's pneumonia is cleared up and he has gone home until his heart surgery in February.  Please pray that he goes through the surgery well and makes a complete recovery!  Natalie, the baby with RSV, is doing well and should be going home next week.  Ben, the older boy who was in the room next to us in the PICU is doing much better!  Thank you so much for praying for these children with us!  We have experienced the healing power of prayer and want to pray for others as so many have prayed for us!

I met a new family the other day.  A young man, Jeremiah, is across the hall from us.  He has been diagnosed with cancer and the family is waiting for details.  This is a beautiful family!  His room was rocking with family members who were conversing, laughing, and playing together.  I spoke with a lady in his family regarding prayer, and they believe much as we do.  This whole family has touched my heart.  It's wonderful to see people enjoy each other's company and come together in a positive way  even in the midst of bad news.  Please join me in praying complete healing for Jeremiah and peace and support for his family as they walk this out.  Thanks for standing with us!

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  1. I will pray for the other children too. Everyone needs prayer so sorry to hear about that girl how sad