Friday, January 21, 2011

Lots of Stuff.....

Levi has had several tests and things going on the last couple days!  The EEG from yesterday showed some small seizure activity, so instead of weaning one of the meds they will be slightly increasing both of them.  We are not seeing seizure activity in his body, so that is a good thing, and we believe that eventually he will be free of seizure activity and seizure meds.

An ultrasound of his hip was conducted a short while ago and the official results are not back yet.  Please pray with us that the true cause behind his pain is brought to light so we can fix this and end the pain for him!

The audiogram performed this morning to check his hearing came back normal for both his ears!  Deafness is  a very common side effect of meningitis, so this is wonderful news!  We knew he was hearing, but to find out that his hearing is completely normal is a miracle! Thank the Lord Jesus! They will follow up in a year and check his hearing again.

His eating is better, too.  He finished an entire bottle on his own in the middle of the night, and would have finished his morning bottle but doctors kept coming in to poke on him. LOL  His didn't eat too much in his last feeding because he was just plumb worn out!

Well, we were hoping to come home on Monday, but the official word is Wednesday.  I was a little disappointed, but it's less than a week away and very nice to have a date to look forward to!  By the time we leave we will have been here a month!  Although everyone here has been wonderful it will be very nice to say goodbye to living at Cardinal Glennon!

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