Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moving on up....

Well, we had some internet and web site issues last night and couldnt update the page. Levi got his breathing tube pulled out yesterday evening. Since being out, his blood gases have been great. He is doing so well, that the doctors are now sounding suprised on his speedy recovery. PRAISE GOD!!
Anyway, since the breathing tube was out, our nurse let Lynn hold Levi. She got to enjoy a few hours with him in her to come soon.....

This morning we were the first seen by the doctors during rounds. Everything is looking great!! He is still having some slight blood pressure issues, but they think it is due to the diuretics he is on. They are going to try and space out his medication and hopefully that will solve the blood pressure dropping issue. Even so, he is doing so good, that he may possibly leave the ICU tomorrow. WOOHOO. They are talking about moving him on up to the third floor, to the transitional care unit. The road to coming home is getting closer and closer.

His arterial line was removed this morning also. Now we can hold him. In fact, as this is being written, Moga and Raven are in his room holding and loving on him. I'm sure he is loving every minute of it :)

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  1. We so enjoyed every second of it! Our little Levi is just absolutely amazing....Aunt Raven and Moga took turns holding him and he didn't mind it a bit being passed back and forth...........Thank You Wonderful Jesus for Our Little Levi!!