Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Morning!

It's a lovely sunny Saturday morning!  We are still waiting for the results of the ultrasound for yesterday.  We are really praying that this will show what is wrong with his leg, that Jesus will bring the truth to light for the doctors to see.  His right leg is now smaller than the left, and he's been kicking his leg when he cries now.  It's very confusing!

He is off the monitors that show his vitals during the day, so we can go for walks or take him downstairs to eat with us.  It's a wonderful feeling to walk around with him!  He is doing very well with his feedings, and hopefully soon the feeding tube will come out.  In fact, it's out right now because they are going to show us how to put it in ourselves in case he would come home with it.  They will leave it out unless he can't take his whole bottle on his own.  We are getting out of here Wednesday!  Yay!

I don't have too much to update at this point, but will post later.  The ultrasound results should be back soon and we'll definitely share that as soon as possible.

Moga is staying with Levi today and Patrick and I are going out on a date to lunch or dinner on the Hill and some shopping :)  Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. It was a wonderful day! Levi and I, just the two of us, sharing a beautiful day together. Lynn and Patrick had a good time on their date and Levi and I had a great time, "bonding" with each other. He was so alert! He has big brown eyes and they were checking everything out. I would just sit in amazement, looking at him. How perfect that he is! I "thanked" God over and over for healing him...and I will continue to thank God over and over for him....Thank You God and Thank You Levi for the best Saturday.....Ever! I love you!........Moga