Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Day

Levi slept all night last night!  He woke up once but by the time I made a bottle and came back he was asleep so I didn't bother him!  He had apples & blueberries baby food for breakfast for the first time and liked it!  I went with my daughter Miranda for her sonogram and found out that it's a boy!  We are having a grandson, how exciting!  She and her dad came over to visit with Levi and us and we spent a lovely day.  Our new OT Diane came out for the first time and Levi slept through the entire thing!  He slept all morning and woke up half an hour before our appointment so I thought that he would be bright eyed and bushy tailed for therapy.  Boy was I wrong! lol  But she was able to do range of motion with him and show us some massage techniques.  She expressed some concern that Levi's vibrating seat and the massager for his hands and arms could cause seizures.  I hadn't heard that and was concerned myself!  But I spoke with Dr. Cruschiel this afternoon and she said that vibrations would not cause seizures.  BIG relief!!  Dr. Cruschiel also raised his Topamax to 75 mg in the evening.  The seizures do seem to be less and less.  I may count tomorrow so I can have a better picture of how many he's having a day.  I hate doing that though.  Also I'm wondering what type this new seizure is.  I believe (and pray!) that it's a breakthrough focal seizure.  The focal seizures have been well under control, and we went down on keppra recently, so it makes sense.  Levi's been very happy today, and very sleepy.  I fed him early tonight because his little eyelids were so droopy, and he's been snoozing ever since. He's such a little cutie!

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