Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eye Appointment and Cast Checkup

Yesterday we went to the long awaited appointment with the eye doctor.  It was pretty much what we expected.  The good news is that his eyes are formed correctly and there is nothing wrong with the eye itself.  However, due to the brain damage his brain is not comprehending what his eyes are seeing, or something like that.  I understand what it means but am having a difficult time putting it into words.  The diagnosis is cortical visual impairment, alternating exotropia, and legal blindness.  The brain is still developing and will continue to develop through at least 2 years of age, so it is possible that he will overcome this and he will gain full vision.  We feel as though we have seen improvement in the last week or so, so we are encouraged by this news.

The spica cast was checked today and looks very good.  We will be scheduling surgery to replace this cast with a short cast (one that goes to the knees on both legs) for next week or the following week.  I was surprised they think he still has room in there, but they are the experts.  I'm glad he will be able to keep this cast until originally planned.  We are almost four weeks into the twelve weeks of cast and surprisingly it's gone by fairly fast!

Still waiting on the results of the EEG.  Levi was having so many seizures Sunday I was worried, but last night and today they seem few and far between, thank God!  He does have some muscle pain now that he is on the lowest dose of Baclofen, but it's semi-manageable with Tylenol and Motrin.  I had to hold him all night last night, but at least he was able to sleep in my arms.  We will be glad to get completely off Baclofen and see if that is the cause of the new seizures!

Yesterday we filmed a video testimony for church of all the Lord has done for us in these first six months of Levi's life.  It's important to let others know that God still works miracles and, even when we can't feel Him, He is with us!  After the video airs at church we will either post it or the link for it on here.  For anyone interested in our church, you can check it out at www.enjoychurch.tv It's practical teaching with a humorous twist.  We love it!

That's all I have for now.  Don't forget Levi's Celebration Party on June 18.  We hope to see lots of people there and want to meet those of you who have been praying with us and/or following Levi's story.  For info, check out the post from last week.

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