Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day of Fasting

Thanks to everyone (and there were many!) who joined us in fasting for Levi today!  First thing this morning we had a HUGE breakthrough on something we have been waiting a couple months for!  It's amazing how God works!  Levi is doing really well!  The neurosurgeon came back into the room and said she thought his shunt needed to be set to a different level. It's really neat how it's done, she just placed a magnetic dial over the shunt and turned it.  Just took a minute!  I admit I was a bit nervous about it, but the fluid around his shunt is mostly gone, and he's been so much more alert today!  He's taken right to his bottle with really no chin support, his appetite has been better, and at one point today he was holding his head up.  All great things, exactly what we want to see!  This afternoon we went shopping and to dinner with Miranda and had a great time!  Tonight he had his first tub bath in six weeks!  I wanted his legs to soak so his muscles would be soothed, and he doesn't sit up well enough to be put in the sink, so I put his tub in the big bathtub.  As soon as I put him in the water he relaxed.  I let him soak for about fifteen minutes then lathered his hair really well.  (I was ecstatic to get in such a good hair washing, but he was less than thrilled!).  We cuddled after his bath and it was so nice to hold him in a normal position and be able to rub his little back.  But he had to go back into his Rhino brace and then on to bed, or should I say, beanbag. lol  All in all it was a wonderful day, and we are looking forward to an excellent holiday weekend.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Miranda and Levi
  Levi's first bath in six weeks

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