Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday morning was so glorious with no seizures, but today and last night he had seizures like normal.  Probably not as many as normal, but he still had quite a few.  I didn't give him any Clonazipam last night (a seizure medication that was prescribed as needed to help him sleep), but I did the night before, and Patrick wondered if it was the Clonazipam that stopped the seizures so well yesterday, so we gave him a half tablet before we went to church.  This of course made him sleep quite a bit, and he doesn't have seizures while he's sleeping, but during the hour he was awake the numbers were down significantly!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this afternoon goes.  I'll give him a pill tonight before bed and monitor how he does in the morning as well.  Tonight is also exciting because it's Levi's first fireworks!  One of the churches in the area puts on a wonderful fireworks show, and we are excited to attend!  I'm hoping he will be able to see them and will enjoy it!  Happy Sunday to all of you!

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