Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prayers for Baby Caitlyn

The following is copied from my friend's facebook wall.  Please join us in praying for this little baby girl.  I know some of what her parents are going through and am asking for prayers for Caitlyn as well!  Thanks so much!

A little about Caitlyn's family.

Caitlyn was born on May 25th at 8:06 am weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz 19 inches long. She is the daughter of Nathan Bishop who is from Greenfeild and Amy Bishop from Jerseyville. She has an older brother, Matthew. She's being as strong as she can be!! They just want Caitlyn to be healthy and be able to bring her home. So im creating this event to give our uncommon friends a chance to help! Shes need...s all the prayers she can get! So lets all say a special prayer for baby Caitlyn and her family!! And please feel free to take this event and share it with all of our uncommon friends!!

Caitlyns story:

When baby Caitlyn was born she had a severe infection that wiped out her entire "system" they think they have that infection treated and now they are repairing the damage it did to her body. She has a problem with her heart called PDA. Which is basically the two valves that are open in the womb that would normally close a week after birth. It is very common in preemie babies to have to have this surgery to help them close however, she was not a preemie and this is the first time Children's hospital has seen a full term baby have this problem where one of the valves hasn't closed yet. She will have to have the surgery asap but she has to be stable for that to happen so they currently have her in a medically induced coma to let her body rest while the meds try to fix everything. She also has what is called a surfactant defiency (sp?) The lube that your lungs produce is called surfactant and it helps the lungs open back up. Caitlyn isn't producing any of that. She had pulmonary hypertension and swelling in her brain. So she has several things that are wrong but right now the heart operation is the most important to fix. I will try and keep the wall to the event updated the best i can when new info on baby Caitlyn is avalible. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Now go...pray your hearts out!!

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