Friday, June 24, 2011

Hooray! Seizures are Steadily Declining!

Well I was only going to count the seizures that one day, but I was so encouraged I decided to keep track every day since. So Tuesday he had 40 spasms and 15 ticks, and he had the last dose of Baclofen at 6pm.  Wednesday he had 37 spasms and 15 ticks, Thursday he had 24 spasms and 8 ticks, and so far today (it's 3pm) he's had 15 spasms and 6 ticks!  The great majority of his spasms do not cluster. That is wonderful news!  Patrick really believes that the Baclofen is what's causing the infantile spasms.  I have to agree.  And I think the ticks are breakthrough focal seizures.  I spoke with the neurologist today and she increased his Topamax to 75mg in the morning (he was getting 60) and 75mg in the evening (he's been on that for a few days now), and increased Keppra from 1.5ml twice a day to 1.7ml twice a day.  I'm confident that this will get rid of these pesky seizures!  I'm ready to start seeing improvements! 

Levi had PT today and was awake but cranky for the first 1/2 to 3/4 and slept the rest of the time.  Boy does Miss Shawnery know how to put him to sleep. lol  I love it, cuz he's usually out for a while and I can get some chores done, or just have some relaxation time!  All in all he did pretty well.  On his tummy he not only lifted his head, but held it steady in one place for quite a while!  Last night he slept all night in his beanbag and only got up once for a diaper change.  I didn't have to hold him at all!  On the down side, while I was making him a bottle I thought I felt a spider on my foot and jumped back and pulled a muscle in my leg (it's been hurting for a while already). Of course, there was no spider, so imagine how ridiculous I felt after most of the pain subsided.  I never was able to go back to sleep.  Go figure, Levi sleeps great and I don't. hahahahaha  Anyway, thanks so much for all your prayers and please pray that these seizures STOP!

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