Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Biopsy

Dr. Rosenblum was just here with the unfortunate news that the biopsy sample was insufficient for testing.  We will consult with surgery today, but Dr. Vane isn't here until next week, so it will be Monday at the earliest that the new biopsy is taken.  We were trying to keep him from another surgery, but at least they will definitely be able to take enough tissue for a complete testing.  Then we will be waiting around three days for the results.  If it is positive for Hirschsprung's Syndrome then he will go into surgery to correct it. 

It may sound funny to some of you, but I'm hoping it is Hirschsprung's.  This would give us a definite answer and a solution.  I've researched it, and Levi has all but one or two of the symptoms.  Not only would this give us an answer for what he has been going through the last two months, but also all the constipation/tummy issues he's had his entire life.  The best part is, it's completely corrected by surgery.  His entire little life would be so much better!  One of the symptoms is explosive bowel movement during a rectal exam.  This makes me laugh in memory of the time last year when we were yet again in the ER with constipation/gas/screaming issues.  Dr. Josephsen decided to insert the tip of his finger in the rectum to stimulate the bowels.  He got more than he bargained for!  We heard an explosive POW and suddenly the doctor was covered in poop!  You should have seen the look on his face!  He handled it so well, joked it off and left to change clothes.  The nurse completely lost it when he walked out, and the rest of the night people were popping in to see the little guy who covered Dr. Josephsen with poop!  After all the laughter had died down, we noticed that the poop had ricocheted off the doctor (who had been standing at Levi's feet), flown past Levi, and hit the wall behind his head!  To this day if Dr. Josephsen sees that we are in the ER he stops by for a visit. 

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