Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Test Results, New Theories

The GI team just rounded and we have new information.  This is very exciting because at least we have a different direction to explore. The x-rays showed that the colon is now inflamed.  It may have been inflamed before, but now it's worse and very obvious, so the new course of action is to run more labs and check for things like infection and parasites. They will also try to get another stool sample to complete the remaining 2 tests ordered.  Levi had a huge poop this morning, after 4 days, so who knows how long it will be before he goes again? The GI doctor said that if all the cultures come back negative, she will send a scope up his rectum and see if that sheds light on anything.  So at least we have a new course of action planned out, and we aren't stalled with doing the same old thing that hasn't worked.

We had a very nice visit from two of the ladies from pastoral care.  They prayed with us, and that always leaves me with a sense of peace.  Please continue praying!

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