Sunday, October 21, 2012

So Frustrating

This week Dr. Foy is the GI doctor on hospital rounds.  They are still planning to do the surgical biopsy this week, whenever surgery can fit us in.  Unfortunately they are down two surgeons this week, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long.  The doctors don't think that Levi has Hirschsprung's, but it does need to be ruled out.  Dr. Foy's theory is that the trauma of the surgery caused damage to his nervous system, and that we should continue as we have the last month with continuous feeds and begin suppositories again.  He said we can give this course of treatment six months, and if it doesn't correct, he may need to have colon surgery that would result in a colostomy bag.  I am definitely praying that it does not come to this!!  I feel like we're back at square one, doing what we've been doing, which doesn't seem to work.  What he said does make sense, I'm just so frustrated that no one seems to have a definitive answer.  For some reason, they have not been discussing starting medication to increase motility of the bowels.  I'm waiting for someone to come in and talk to me about that now.  Unfortunately I didn't think to ask him while he was here.

So for now we are still in waiting mode.  Hopefully the tides will turn and something will happen soon, whether it be a diagnosis of Hirschsprung's, or even better, for Levi's bowels to begin working again.



  1. Lynn,
    Just seems like your little guy can't catch a break. I am so sorry that you all are having to go through this, but I will lift Levi, you and you husband in my prayers. You all need a special touch from God, and we know we serve a good, loving God, so in Jesus name, you will get a diagnosis soon. Blessings, Kim Ogle.

  2. Hey Kim, I miss you! Thanks so much for your prayers, we definitely need them. Tell Mo hi! Love ya!