Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling Worse

So yesterday the doctors decided to change the plan.  Instead of calling in neurosurgery at this time, they decided to run more tests and concentrate on issues that would directly effect the stomach/bowels.  They put a tube up his rectum, attached to a bag, to allow all the liquid and gas to drain.  The results were amazing!  Right away his very distended tummy started shrinking.  Most of the tests have come back, all within normal range.  We are just waiting for a couple cultures now.  They started him on an antibiotic that is good for the gut, in the off chance that there is infection there.  His IV went bad, and they had to call the mobile team in to use an ultrasound machine to find a good vein and placed the IV in his leg, which was pretty much the only vein they hadn't tried.  It worked, but he hated it and it only lasted a matter of hours.  So now he is on a continuous drip of pedialyte through the g tube.  At least he doesn't have to go through another stick right now. 

However, he's feeling miserable today.  More so than before.  The fever is down, but he still feels horrible.  They are getting ready to remove the rectal tube and see if that is the cause of all his discomfort. 

Prayers are needed now even more so than ever.  We have theories, but still no solid reason for all that he's been going through.  Which means, of course, there is no solid solution at this point.

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