Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Plan, More Doctors

So yesterday I mentioned the cyst (or whatever it is) on Levi's gums.  It's HUGE and has been there for about three months.  He had a smaller one on the other side, and it popped and bled about two months ago, but this one continues to grow in size.  I've meant to take him to a pediatric dentist, but with all the other issues he's had it fell to the back burner.  I began thinking yesterday that all the swallowing he does could be linked to possibly swallowing fluid from the cyst, and if it is absessed or infected, that could be a problem.  Not that I think it's causing the issues, but adding to them.  Thankfully the doctors took me seriously and decided to call in a pediatric dentist to check it out.  It may be completely harmless, or not.

Many of his issues are consistent with shunt problems, so although the shunt series (x-rays and ct scan) looked fine, they are calling in neurosurgery to tap the shunt so they can test the fluid.  I think that just involves sticking a needle into the shunt and draining some fluid, but I could be wrong.  We will soon find out. 

Our favorite nurse Grace did basically the same thing to his little bottom.  Using a tube, she drained stool into a syringe so they can get the other two tests going. 

Dr. Rhadans was Levi's doctor last time we were here, and I feel like he has been wonderful in advocating for Levi.  I'm excited to have many new options today!


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