Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The rectal biopsy was done very early this morning.  Levi did very well, and has been sleeping restfully ever since.  He was crabby and awake much of last night, so extra sleep is great for him today.

The nurses were flushing the rectal tube every four hours yesterday, and through the night, with saline solution.  This cleanses the stool from the colon as well as helps to "wake up" the bowels.  I was surprised at how little stool was actually present, after four days of no bowel movement/rectal tube, and being on regular feeds the entire time. 

Now we just wait for the results to come in.  Hopefully we will hear the news tomorrow, but it may take a couple days.  I still pray for Hirschsprung's syndrome.  Otherwise we are running on theories.  I don't like to think of weeks or months of continuous feeds/suppositories/enemas/rectal tubes, and the like.  Please keep Levi in your prayers :)

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