Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going Home?

Our regular GI doctor was here this morning.  Some of the GI team believe that (if he doesn't have Hirschsprung's) Levi's slow comeback after surgery could be due to neurological issues, so they are calling in the neuro team today.  Since they aren't doing anything here that we couldn't do at home, Dr. Rosenblum is talking about sending us home tomorrow.  He said we don't need to sit here and wait any longer, especially since flu season is here and he definitely doesn't need that.  If Levi has returning issues of gagging and vomiting we can call him.

We have decided to organize a care conference with neurology, GI, surgery, and dietary.  It makes great sense to us to have all the doctors in one room to discuss Levi's issues and a plan to resolve what's wrong.  Dr. Rosenblum was completely on board with this, and Joanna from the Footprints program is working to make that happen for us.  Thanks, Joanna!! 

The biopsy results have not yet come in, but I will post an update as soon as I hear anything.  It could be today, or any time within the next couple days.  I'm praying it's soon!


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