Sunday, April 21, 2013

Decent Day

Yesterday was a so so day.  Levi slept most of the morning away.  Sleep is healing, and he looked so comfy!  Patrick and I actually went OUT to lunch.  There weren't a lot of kids on the floor, and our awesome nurse Tiffany kept a good eye on him while we were away.  We went to a little place called 9th Street Deli in Soulard.  It was in a very cute part of town.  Patrick had read reviews on their sandwiches.  We ordered the philly, which was supposed to be "the best" in the area, and a turkey sandwich with jalapeno bacon.  OMG!  I cannot even begin to describe how delicious they were!  The people were friendly, the atmosphere was sunny and comfortable.  It was exactly what I needed!

During the afternoon, Levi started to get uncomfortable.  At this point he was only on Tylenol for pain. It seemed to be from gas, as it would come and go.  Toward evening he had a huge screaming fit that didn't stop until an hour after he'd been given Morphine.  Usually Morphine takes it away quickly.  The surgery resident said that everything looks wonderful, he's progressing with no problems, and she thought that it more than likely was pain from gas and stool moving through bowels that were still sore.  She ordered ibuprofen to be given as needed, or even every six hours to keep him comfortable.  He had a great night!

Today I plan on actually putting clothes on him.  He is no longer on monitors, so he doesn't have leads stuck to his chest, they turned the IV off last night, and he is at goal feeds since midnight.  I'm holding out hope that we can go home today, even though I know tomorrow is probably more likely.  He has done amazingly well with this surgery.  He is such a little trooper and fighter.  Thanks to God for bringing him through yet another scary situation!

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