Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feeding Again!

Yesterday we were finally able to start Levi's feeds again.  We skipped Pedialyte altogether and began with half strength formula at 10 mls an hour for four hours, then switched to full strength formula, increasing by 5 mls every 6 hours, depending on how well he does.  The only issue we encountered was that overnight he hadn't produced any stool from the stoma, so we held off increasing for a while.  Thankfully when we woke up this morning his bag contained a decent amount of stool, and so we increased.  He's now at 25 mls an hour, with a goal of 40.

Kim, the surgery nurse, came in yesterday to change the dressing and colostomy bag, and teach me how to do it.  I'm surprised at my lack of squeamishness about this.  When the g-button was changed the first time I honestly felt like I was going to vomit or pass out, which isn't like me.  Maybe caring for the button has prepared me for this, or maybe I'm just so relieved that he has a reprieve from all the belly pain, but for whatever reason, the stoma does not bother me at all.  We removed the bag, cleaned the area, and placed a new bag.  I took notes, but it's actually a very simple procedure.  Kim is a great teacher!

The cultures taken from the shunt still show no infection.  Levi is feeling better, turning from side to side on his own, we can pick him up without even a grimace of discomfort, he is sleeping restfully and alert when he is awake.  I'd like to go home tomorrow, but realistically Monday is more likely.  He has been downgraded to general care, so I've requested to be moved to 2 South, our home away from home.  If they have room for us, we will go there. 

We have so much to be thankful for!  The last eight months have been nightmarish at times, but God is always there with us and brings us through.  Always, there have been blessings within the turmoil.  We have met people we never would have met, been blessed by many, and hopefully have been a blessing to others.  We give all our thanks to the Lord for keeping Levi safe and calming us through the storm!


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