Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This morning Levi was still pretty sore and would get cranky just before time for meds.  Morphine is ordered in case the other meds don't take all the pain away, and he had one dose this morning, and one in the afternoon.  As the day wore on, he seemed more relaxed.  The surgeon wanted him out of bed and moving a bit more.  She said it's good if he cries, he needs to take deep breaths to keep his lungs clear, and we can't just ask him to cough for us.  That makes sense.  I was worried it would hurt him, and he was uncomfortable during the move, but once he got settled in Patrick's arms he was fine.  In fact, he was better than he'd been all day.  I took him when Patrick left, and it felt great to cuddle with him.  I gave him a sponge bath and brought out a few required cries, then he snuggled under his fuzzy blankie and went to sleep.  He had one issue with irregular heart beat and they took an EKG.  It was normal.

Several good things happened today.  He is already stooling into the colostomy bag.  The surgery resident said that he is ahead of the curve, and they were surprised and pleased to see that it was working already.  The foley catheter came out this morning, and he's had an appropriate amount of wet diapers.  The neurosurgeon came in and tapped the shunt, by placing a needle into a reservoir in the shunt and draining spinal fluid.  She tested all components and said that everything is working very well, and the fluid looked great.  The preliminary results show no signs of infection, which is wonderful!  The complete cultures won't be back for a few days though.  Tomorrow they will place a picc line for giving tpn nutrition while we let the bowels rest.  He should only have to have that for a few weeks.

I feel so blessed!  Life has been pretty difficult since the g-tube was placed, and now I feel like the issue has finally been found and will be resolved.  Our hope is that once the colon is put back together, it would have had time to heal, and will work correctly again.  I know that God's timing is perfect, and I definitely have had very impatient moments in the last eight months, but I truly feel like the time for answers has come.  We may never know why Levi's colon has had this issue, and that's okay.  The important thing is that we are on the road to fixing it.  I'll continue to praise God, and follow where he leads us, and trust in him.


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