Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hurray! Another Poop!!

Today was a fantastic day!  We set out early to hit the first yard sales of the season, and were definitely not disappointed.  We picked up some nice bargains and had fun doing it.  Levi was wonderful in the car, and didn't even mind getting in and out.  He actually fell asleep in the car, which is rare for him, and Moga stayed with him so we didn't have to wake him up.  This evening we met our family at Dave and Buster's for Jeramiah's 15th birthday.  It was a nice surprise to run into our friend Erin and her son Isiah!  We had a lovely dinner; it was so great to catch up with family and see the little ones.  Levi was doing well until I assume a pain hit him and he screamed and passed gas very loudly, and vomited.  His tummy has been hugely distended again since this afternoon.  We left after dinner so we could get him home.  Again, he was great in the car and the closer we got to home the better he felt.  He actually fell asleep in the carseat just before we pulled into the driveway!  I got his bath ready right away and when I stripped him down I found a lovely dirty diaper!!  This makes the fourth time that he's had a bowel movement on his own in the past two weeks.  Something is definitely getting better!  As far as the referral to Cincinnati Children's goes, we have to see the new pediatrician first, so we have an appointment on Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to it.  Dr. Herman has been Tommy's pediatrician for about the last ten years, and he is an excellent doctor!  Even though Levi's bowels seem to be waking up, I think it's best to go ahead and move forward with the referral.  The more help we get, the better.  Here is a picture of him smiling at me in his bathtub.  His smiles were much bigger than that, but of course I couldn't get those on camera. LOL


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