Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well, we finally went home Monday evening after a lot of confusion.  Bless Grace for coordinating everything that led to our discharge.  SSM delivered antibiotics and sent a nurse to teach me how to use it.  He's on two different IV antibiotics.  Flagyl is given every 8 hours, Zosyn is every 6.  Needless to say it's been busy!  It isn't difficult, though.  Flagyl is given over an hour on a little pump, and Zosyn comes in a neat little ball with a balloon inside that pumps the med through the picc line.  The first night I was up and down constantly, but the home nurse set up a schedule that allows me much more sleep!

Tuesday morning went well, Levi slept a lot, but that afternoon he started screaming again and only had short periods of quiet, only when being held.  I was leaning toward taking him to the ER, and then at 9:30 when I tried to give the antibiotics, the picc line wouldn't flush.  So off we went to the ER.  The triage nurse didn't have any luck with it either, but they called down a nurse from picu, and she flushed it no problem.  She said sometimes you just have to play with positioning.  How frustrating!  The doctor took a tummy x-ray to be sure everything was fine and told us to keep doing what we're doing, and if we wanted a stronger pain med to speak to the surgeon.  So I've left a message with Grace and Kim.

He's better today, but still not great.  He's comfortable enough to be quiet and get some sleep while I'm holding him, but he's unable to spend much time on his own.  I'll be so glad when this is all over and he's feeling better!  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for him!

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