Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plan for Going Home

I just spoke with the surgical team and have learned what is expected before Levi can go home.  The surgeon said she would anticipate about a five day stay in the hospital, but of course that depends on how everything goes.  Ultimately, in order for Levi to be released to go home, he would have to be fever free, on his normal feed schedule, and have a working colostomy.  She also had no problem with writing a prescription for benadryl just in case the meds already ordered aren't enough to keep him comfortable.  They should be, but it gives me peace of mind to know there is something else just in case he needs it.  I really like the surgeon (I believe her name is Dr. Fitzpatrick).  She's very personable, explains everything very well, and doesn't mind my questions.  She said the earliest that she would consider reversing the stoma would be six to eight weeks.  That's actually earlier than I would have thought.  Again, that depends on how well everything is working. 

The neurosurgery team will tap the vp shunt tomorrow to be sure that there is no infection within the shunt.  This involves inserting a needle into the shunt and withdrawing some spinal fluid.  It hopefully won't be too uncomfortable, and definitely will be less painful than a spinal tap!  If there is infection, it will be treated with IV antibiotics, which means possibly going home with a picc line for a couple weeks.  Dr. Fitzpatrick said that the area around the shunt tubing looked good and she doesn't anticipate an infection, but it's better to know for sure.  I agree!

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